AED-SICAD Aktiengesellschaft (AED-SICAD), Germany



AED-SICAD AG (AED-SICAD), Bonn/Munich/Berlin, Germany, is the leading GIS application company in Europe, offering standard applications and tailor-made solutions. Its portfolio comprises high-end geographic information systems for the key segments cadastre, land management, utilities and local government.


AED-SICAD employs about 180 people. It develops innovative standard applications and branch-specific solutions and offers individual services ranging from project management and consulting, customer-specific customization and localization to technical support and training.


Since 1998 AED-SICAD is an active participant of several Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) initiatives and programs. All its products and solutions have fulfilled and still fulfil the current standards. It has already implemented INSPIRE Data Models, transformation of existing data in INSPIRE data models and INSPIRE Services for all Annex I themes.


Its customers are using GeoPortals based on its standard products and customized exactly to their needs. So AED-SICAD redesigned GeoPortals to OpenData-GeoPortals. In Hamburg for example it redesigned the GeoPortal (Geoserver SH / HH) to an OpenData Portal reflecting the new needs of the new transparency law (Open Government law).


Furthermore, AED-SICAD supports the INSPIRE specification process by participation in the Core Network Service Drafting Team. It is also member of the German INSPIRE Task Force. Finally, AED-SICAD has participated in the 7th EU-Research program in the GIGAS project (GEOSS, INSPIRE and GMES an Action in Support).


Contribution to the project


AED-SICAD will be involved in the project as follows:

  • Inputs from work in projects and initiatives to WP2 and WP3

  • Support of specifications of additional (to well-defined) data themes and services (WP4)

  • Development of a virtual hub, based on existing software and infrastructures (WP5)

  • Development of new mobile (smartphone / tablet) applications to realize a location-aware communication between citizens and administration (WP6)

  • Support the proof of concept by providing demonstrators; evaluation of the results with user groups (WP8)

  • Animation of the local User Group in Germany


Why it is important for your organization to take part in the project


The main focus of AED-SICAD is on the development of GIS applications. The ENERGIC OD project offers the opportunity to expand our knowledge of current standards and extend our portfolio with a new innovative mobile app based on the Virtual Hub, which will be set up in the project.




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