Alkante Sas – Geonet (ALKANTE), France



ALKANTE, Rennes/St Malo, France, is a French company deeply involved in national-wide issues regarding the sharing of geographical data. Its main activities consist in GIS technologies : consulting, solutions development (especially webmapping solutions), integration, training and hosting. ALKANTE also carries R&D activities regarding geomatics and is partner of different university laboratories (IRISA-UBS laboratory in computer science from University of Rennes 1, ESO laboratory in geography from University of Rennes 2).


ALKANTE has 20 permanent employees working on geomatics and IT systems. ALKANTE has expert skills in geographical data organization, storage, cataloguing and diffusion using web applications and w.r.t. OGC standards and INSPIRE Directive. The company has also experience in providing tools to collect and cartography environmental observations through web portal.


ALKANTE has worked with various French Natural Parcs, the Marine Protected Area of the Atlantic Arc, and has developed and deployed the spatial data infrastructures of numerous french regions. The company is currently actively working on solutions devoted to sensor data collecting and visualization, and is carrying experiments in collecting vehicle tracking information using ad'hoc protocols and OGC SWE standards. 

ALKANTE took part in the Interreg IV European project the Charm 3 which aims at providing an innovative approach to spatial modeling of the Channel ecosystem. The company provided a prototype to navigate inside a partial geographical dataset provided its skills in spatial data infrastructure and designed a tool illustrating a new paradigm to explore a geographical dataset. The tool relies on a keyword tree linked to a cartographic map and a document viewer.


Contribution to the project


ALKANTE will provide inputs from its experiences for WP2 and WP3and will develop an innovative application for sensor environmental data collecting and sharing in WP6.


Why it is important for your organization to take part in the project


The ENERGIC-OD project gives ALKANTE the opportunity to work on an innovative approach to bring concrete solutions to the issue of geographical data access and re-use at the European level.  This will allow our company to enrich its knowledge and expertise in the field of open data and geographical data interoperability, as well as to develop a new innovative solution to collect and share environmental sensor data.




Olivier Bedel