Veneto Region, together with the Florence Division of the Institute of Atmospheric Pollution Research (IIA) of the National Research Council of Italy (CNR) and the Politecnico of Milan, promoted, within the European project ENERGIC-OD project (, the hackathon "EODAppathon”, a national competiton for app development using the Italian VH instance, which was held in Venice on October 21 and 22, 2016.
The contest was targeted at achieving the objectives of the ENERGIC-OD project demonstrating the VH platform effectiveness and facilitating new applications development as well as serving Public Administrations, enterprises and private citizens with Open data.
The EODAppathon was introduced by a public conference on Open Data access and re-use in the morning of October 21st at the Grandi Stazioni Palace, Headquarters of the Veneto Region. This event was attended by qualified speakers coming from different organizations, public administrations, research institutes and universities as well as from different European Countries who shared their experience in the field of spatial data processing and design, as well as experts in data management and GIS.

EODAppathon Conference


  • Maurizio De Gennaro

  • Stefano Nativi

  • Gabriele Ciasullo

  • Michel Praet

  • Roya Ayazi

  • Raffaella Brumana

  • Manola Tegon

  • Silvano De Zorzi


CONTEST “EODAppathon, a national competition to develop apps”

Among the different topics addressed during the Conference (spatial data, European initiatives, quality system, ...) a particular emphasis has been given to the use and dissemination of geospatial Open Data, and to the ENERGIC OD Project and the development of a set of innovative applications through the VHs deployment.

The Hackathon entitled "EODAppathon, a national competition for app development" was held on Oct. 22nd.
The 24 hour non-stop event (open to public and private companies, entrepreneurs, and students) was meant to demonstrae the VH platform effectivenes, to facilitate new applications development and serve Public Administrations with Open data.
It was attended by 32 participants, all with different backgrounds, which were grouped in 7 Teams. They had to developed new applications, or prototypes for smartphones or tablets, concept of web applica'on, or a mashup using the data stored and catalogued in a specific Virtual Hub.
The Hackathon was held in the Veneto Region headquarters of Palazzo Linetti. Each team had a workstation and the ability to use a dedicated Wi-Fi connection, as well as the support and ongoing collaborators of the three partners’ organizers.

The jury was composed of seven members of the Italian partnership of the ENERGIC-OD project:

Maurizio De Gennaro: Chairperson - Veneto Region
Silvano De Zorzi: Veneto Region
Delio Brentan: Veneto Region
Stefano Navi: Project Coordinator ENERGIC OD - CNR-IIA Sesto Fioren'no (FI)
Paolo Mazzetti: CNR of Sesto Fiorentino (FI)
Raffaella Brumana: Politecnico di Milano
Mattia Previtali: Politecnico di Milano

The Jury:

The Teams:

The 32 participants came from different realities, from the world of University and Research, experts in the IT sector in the field of knowledge of the spatial data and GIS, grouped in the following 7 Team:


Team BrainFour
Consisting of software developers all with different experiences in different sectors, mainly in the field P.A.


Team Gavia Stellata
Consisting of software developers, experts in spatial planning and a communication designer


Team GisUp
It composed of developer GIS, environmental engineers and planners carefully to concepts related to smart cities and sustainability


Team Kiss
Mainly young computer science students at the University Ca 'Foscari of Venice with interest in Open Data


Team Lappateam
Mainly composed of students of the Politecnico di Milano (Computer Science and Engineering and Architecture)


Team Mr Robot

Composed mainly of programming experts and Open Data, computer science students at the University Ca 'Foscari of Venice


Team Savino

Consisting of heterogeneous figures, including software engineers, experts in geographic information systems and spatial planning and landscaping

The Apps:

Team BrainFour: Mobile App
Application aimed at the selection and visualizatoin of information concerning the reference points of the geodetic/altimetric network.


Team Gavia Stellata: Quicka

Application for facilitating environmental decision-making.


Team GisUp: Easy Nadir

Application for identifying and mapping cultural and heritage resources.


Team Kiss: TypeTour

Travel itinerary application for exploring places of touristic and cultural interest through bike sharing.


Team Lappateam: HeaLife, Healthy is Wealthy
Healthy is Wealthy - Travel itinerary application for ecological journeys.


Team Mr. Robot: Safe Route
Mapping tool for identifying landslide and fire risk areas on national hiking pathways of the Italian Alpine Club.


Team Savino: Open Parks
Mapping tool for the valorisation of natural parks integrating data crowdsourced by users.

The Winners:

The Jury monitored the progress of the Teams during the entire event and offered guidance and assistance strictly relevant to the development of apps and linked to their area of expertise.
Each team at the end of the contest had 10 minutes presentation of the application developed.
All applications were evaluated according to the criteria previously indicated in the “Rules of Participation”, on which the Commission awarded the following top 3 team:

1st Prize : Team Gavia Stellata for “Quicka”
2nd Prize : Team GisUp for “Easy Nadir”
3rd Prize: Team Mr. Robot for “Safe Route”

The PDF version of the report from the event can be found here: download .pdf