Association Francaise pour l'Information Geographique (AFIGEO), France



AFIGéO, the French association for geographic information is a national, non profit organization. The aim of the AFIGEO, is to promote the exchanges between suppliers, users, prescribers and decision-makers in the field of geographic information.


The French community of geographic information is made up of public and private members as well as of institutional and commercial entities.


Taking into account all professional categories involved in the production or use of digital geographic data, the AFIGĖO has 3 main missions:


  • Encourage the development of geographic information applications and relevant instruments and systems.

  • Increase French actors’ competitiveness in the area. 

  • Develop international relations and represent the French community, especially at the European level.


AFIGEO’s members founded in 1999 the International Club of AFIGéO to promote activities in the field of geographic information abroad.


Contribution to the project


Geographic information and geospatial data are key content resources not only for local based services for customers (LBS) but also for all kinds of eGovernment tasks.


The aim of the AFIGEO, is to promote and to enhance the effectiveness of the exchanges between suppliers, users, prescribers and decision-makers in the field of geographic information at national level but also at European level in relation with INSPIRE Directive. AFIGEO is member of EUROGI.


Brokers act as intermediaries that match client needs with provider services by aggregating information about multiple providers even open data and client requests. In these systems, broker architectures facilitate efficient and effective service management by distributing services to their "highest and best use".


ENERGIC OD will create pairings in a way that accommodates system requirements of flexible and extensible management to achieve scalability and autonomy.


Why it is important for your organization to take part in the project


The contribution of AFIGéO in ENERGIC project will be essentially focused on:

  1. Inventory and analysis of existing platforms and initiatives in partners' countries WP2, WP3, WP4

  2. To encourage the EUROGI members so that they participate in the ENERGIC project , WP4,WP7

  3. Animate the Advisory Board and Dissemination of the project results WP5,WP7, WP8


To achieve these objectives, AFIGEO will establish a working group involving its members, in particular the network of regional geographic information centers (CRIGE), this action will be driven by the Managing Director of the Association who will report directly to Board.


President of the Commission data within the National Council for Geographic Information (CNIG) AFIGEO mobilize its institutional networks.


The mission of AFIGEO is to develop the geographic information sector in France. Coupling Geographic Information and Open Data is a key point for this development.




Yves Riallant

Délégué Général