A key-meeting for experts/specialists in the field of water and environment, ASTEE Congress gathers a large range of partners, local/regional authorities, decision makers and firms each year.

ENERGIC OD in the Spotlight!

AT THE ASTEE CONGRESS, May 31st to June 3rd, 2016.

Lunch time during the poster session in Salle Menard

At the end of the day, a set of 10 different subjects were reported back by the hackathon groups. Hub’Eau project partners have now new tracks to follow up and work on and feedback on the API and exploited data tested live during that day.  Thanks to all the participants who made this day a rather successful event!


Organising and preparing the Hackathon, threads, topics and guidelines was a great experience for the Hub’Eau partners (BRGM and Onema) and will be very useful for preparing future events for ENERGIC OD.



Dissemination materials:

- EOD Poster


- EOD Leaflet

This year’s topic "Territorial transition: Digital intelligence at the heart of public services" was indeed an opportunity for BRGM to present various ongoing projects and activities to a receptive public.


ENERGIC OD in the spotlight at ASTEE 2016

On June 1st and 2nd, Olivier Frézot (BRGM project leader) presented ENERGIC-OD objectives at the speed- poster session.

Olivier in front of the ENERGIC OD poster

A rather difficult exercise, since he, among 20 other competitors, had only one minute to convince and attract the audience to come and learn more about ENOD activities displayed on the poster.

Speed Poster presentation: One minute to present Energic OD 

Very involved, Olivier is explaining Energic OD Virtual Hubs and partners’ applications to the attendance and promoting the project objectives.

Challenge met! Olivier managed to interest about 10 visitors each time, but missed the served lunch!

Yves Riallant (AFIGEO) visiting BRGM stand during a break in the session he was animating at ASTEE congress.

Besides the BRGM was very implicated in this event, with a stand (above) where leaflets and information on Energic OD was displayed, and holding a Hackathon to test the Hub’Eau project API exploiting water data which was organized on June 1st, gathering more than 70 participants.

Hackathon teaser for registration

Hackathon opening, June1st,2016 9:00 am

While the poster session was on, the hackathon, participants were brainstorming on water data and HUB’EAU API

Various groups brainstorming on water data and proposed topics

Final restitution at the end of Hackathon day