Datakode (datakode), France



Datakode (old name Depth France) is an innovative company in the software implementation of geographic information systems (GIS) and business management (ERP).


Datakode provides services on OpenSource technologies as: Geoserver, EasySDI, Geonetwork, JOOMLA.


Contribution to the project


Datakode will contribute to Energic-OD with its expertise in SDI and OpenData Plateforms and will develop an innovative application called ProxiSanté


This application aims to create a directory of location-based care services fed by remote open data webservices.


Why it is important for your organization to take part in the project


Datakode is involved in Energic-OD project in order to improve the way users of geographical infrastructures can access easily to the data published on the web by Inspire or OpenData portals.




Thomas Portier