Gesellschaft für Stadt-und Regionalplanung mbH (SRP), Germany



SRP GmbH is a SME which operated since 1992 in the market. It has experience and skills along the whole value chain of private and public geodata: starting with constructing of thematically databases, development of standard products and tailor-made applications for data processing to using tools and data for analysis and planning.


The full name of the company is "Gesellschaft für Stadt- und RegionalPlanung" because we started as planner. Step by step we became a software company that develops geographic information systems for planning companies as well as for planning and environmental authorities.

Thus, today the SRP is one of the main players in the development of the SDI of the city of Berlin, regarding both software technology, methodology and standardization (ISO/INSPIRE).


The Geoportal of Berlin is based on the technology of SRP. The infrastructure components developed for this purpose also constitute the basis for numerous specialized applications in all fields of Administration (urban planning, environmental monitoring, conservation, landscape planning, citizen participation, ...).


For these areas of application, the SRP provides completed products and develops customized solutions. SRP is member of national and regional working groups and committees that deal with the standardization of data formats and data content (e.g. XPlanung, a syntactic and semantic standard for the exchange and processing planning data using automated methods) and harmonizes the national and European metadata structures (ISO / INSPIRE). The INSPIRE services of the information systems and products of SRP fulfill the current standards.


Contribution to the project


SRP will contribute to the project as follows:

  • Participation in the definition of the user requirements and the resulting demands for data, applications and infrastructures (WP4)

  • Participation in the definition of the architecture for a distributed system of HUB (WP5)

  • Development, deployment and operating of a local virtual HUB based on existing software and infrastructures with standard services (OWS) in the shape of basic and value-added services (WP 5)

  • Development of a mobile application based on existing technologies, which uses the services of the ENERGIC OD HUB infrastructure (WP6)

  • Support for opening up of existing data sources and provide methods for merging and harmonization of heterogeneous data (WP3)

  • Proof of the future viability of the technologies used (state of the art) (WP2

  • Cooperation in the dissemination of project results (WP7) 


Why it is important for your organization to take part in the project


SRP developed the functional core of the Berlin geoportal. This consists of a broker infrastructure that provides heterogeneous data sources with non-standardized data structures for homogeneous use processes. (One of these use processes are the services that provide the data for INSPIRE.)


ENERGIC OD has the same problems to solve at European level. The project results could help to integrate the broker infrastructure into a network of European geoportals.




Frank Iden