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Sharing data and knowledge, especially at interdisciplinary level, is now recognized as a key to scientific progress and technological innovation. IIA activities through the thematic GENS (Geospatial Information and Environmental Knowledge Sharing) addresses some of the major scientific and technological challenges necessary for sharing the creation of new models of collaborative research and dissemination of information to different users (research, enterprise, government, citizens). IIA has a recognized competence in international technologies for sharing large amounts of heterogeneous data (big data) from simulations, and remote sensing and in-situ. IIA has developed the approach of mediation to broker for discovering and accessing heterogeneous data, today adopted in important initiatives and projects at national, European and international level, such as GEOSS (Global Earth Observation System of Systems). Special attention is paid to the integration of sensor networks, particularly for air quality, and to support the transition from data to knowledge, through the verification of the quality of the acquired data, and the development of semantic tools such as thesauri (eg EARTh), ontologies and visual / performing scientific models. The activity of IIA is carried out in an international context, through participation in key programs and initiatives on data sharing (eg, GEOSS, RDA, UNECE-EMEP, TF HTAP, UNEP) and taking into account the relevant European directives (e.g. Air Quality, INSPIRE).


Contribution to the project


CNR-IIA coordinates the ENERGIC-OD project by a management and scientific points-of view 

CNR-IIA leads WP1 on Project Management & coordination

CNR-IIA leads the WP5 on Virtual Hubs: architecture and implementation


Why it is important for your organization to take part in the project


CNR-IIA has long-time activities in facilitating access to data through the development of mediation-based solutions. It is also deeply involved in initiatives on open research data sharing such as RDA, GEO/GEOSS, etc. The concept of Virtual Hubs, proposed in the call and funded in the ENERGIC-OD fits perfectly in the CNR-IIA vision on facilitating data sharing from heterogeneous data sources. For CNR-IIA the ENERGIC-OD project is the opportunity to bring research outcomes to the innovation arena, developing solutions - i.e. the VH - in support of different scenarios for public authorities, SMEs, citizens.




Stefano Nativi


Project Coordinator

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