ENERGIC OD attended the VI Iberian Spatial Data Infrastructure Days


ENERGIC OD partner UNIZAR attended the VI Iberian Spatial Data Infrastructure Days (JIIDE 2015) that took place in Seville from the 4th to the 6th November 2015. UNIZAR’s presentation, entitled “Hubs virtuales para facilitar el acceso a Datos Abiertos” (“Virtual hubs to facilitate Open Data access), introduced the ENERGIC OD project (objectives, methodology, status and expected impact) to the Spanish and Portuguese SDI community. The presentation was very well received and the Virtual Hubs concept and their validation through the ten innovative applications were found as very interesting by the audience. Leaflets were requested and around 50 of them were distributed among the audience and left in the registration desk. Main questions dealt with the capabilities of the VHs regarding metadata and searching (they already are capable), the kind of transformations they are capable of, the support of the VHs for Linked Open Data and the possibility of using them as mediators of different access and reuse licenses of the different data sources and data sets brokered. Synergies with other projects, like GeoSmartCity, FIcontent and FI-C3, could also be explored, as some of the members of the audience participating in them saw points in common that could be exploited. Additionally, The assistant director of the Centro Nacional de Información Geográfica (Spanish Mapping Agency), in charge of the Spanish SDI development and maintenance, found the VH concept very interesting for the further development of the INSPIRE directive, now that it is facing the integration of datasets related to the Annex III, of which Mapping Agencies are not anymore the main data providers.


The Iberian Spatial Data Infrastructure Days (JIIDE) are a scientific and technical conference addressed to the Spanish and Portuguese SDI community. They represent an opportunity for exchanging knowledge, experiences, solutions and best practices among Spanish and Portuguese organisations and technicians, and promoting synergies among both countries in the SDI domain.






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