ENERGIC OD WP6 /WP8 Workshop

12-14 September 2016

The purpose of this three-day meeting is the presentation of the current status of the application, modifications, use of the VHs, open challenges and the contribution to D6.5 & D6.6. Further the preparation for the second review of each ten applications will be addressed.

Furthermore, this workshop will also focus on WP8 and the issues of exploitation – including the business model. The status of the consortium-wide efforts to recruit and attract users will be covered in detail. The inputs from individual partners on their efforts towards community building will be sought after, together with drafting of the relevant plans of action.

Another objective of this meeting beside general management issues is current status and news about the use of the Virtual Hub APIs. In detail the presentation of each application includes:

  • Live demonstration of application

  • Use of VHs, incl. feedback about first experiences

  • Match with application specific initial or modified requirements

  • Progress corresponding to the application specific implementation plan

  • Upcoming steps until end of month 26

  • First idea of contents and requirements of technical and user documentation


Based on this information a common approach to create the required documentations and present the WP6 results during the second review.

Finally, the discussions will focus on the preparation of the three ENERGIC-OD contests – in Italy, France and on the European level. Partners responsible for these will shed some light on their preparation and planned outcomes (including projected user inputs). Finally, some consideration will be given to the coordination of VH-host organizations after ENERGIC-OD disbands, as well as to other commercial and revenue stream strategies.

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