“Zaragoza Histórica”, the Zaragoza instance of ENERGIC OD’s GeoPan Light, officially launched last 24th March

24 March 2017

The Zaragoza instance of GeoPan Light, ‘Zaragoza histórica’,was officially launched last 24th March through a press conference in Zaragoza, where the new application was presented to the citizens and the media. The new application provides citizens with a visualisation tool that combines current cartography with a selection of historical maps from Municipal Archive of Zaragoza. Up to this moment, a collection of 20 maps dating from the XVIII, XIX, XX and XXI centuries have been published. Each of these maps is provided with detailed information about them (year, author, dimensions, etc.) and a link to the full metadata record in the Municipal Archive.


The new service is part of the Spatial Data Infrastructure of Zaragoza (IDEZar) whose objective is to offer citizens urban information in a simple and intuitive way by means of maps.

This work is the result of the collaboration between the Office of Participation, Transparency and Open Government of the City Council of Zaragoza and the Municipal Archive with the ENERGIC OD project.

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