Geo IoT World Conference

6-8 June 2017

Alkante will be present at Geo IoT World Brussels on the 7th and 8th of June (


Alkante will give a talk about the Sensor Component of the Energic-OD Virtual Hub technology and its application Sensor Open Data Portal in the session entitled Location Intelligence: Achieving the full potential of GeoData. More precisely, Alkante will provide feedback from pilot experiments dealing with the smart‑monitoring and the environmental monitoring of two French “smartcities”:  Saint-Sulpice-La-forêt (a small rural city of 1500 inhabitants near Rennes) and Rennes Métropole in Brittany.


Abstract of the presentation:

Making sensor data available and reusable for GIS and Open Data communities is quite a challenge. However even if the GIS OGC SOS have been designed for sensor world, very few existing sensors and sensor networks are compliant with this standard. In many cases, the standard is not adapted to technological constraints of wireless sensors for instance (low consumption, low bandwidth...). Furthermore sensor manufacturers are certainly not concerned by making their sensor data interoperable and/or prefer relying on their own protocol for data delivery. As a consequence, it's hard to find sensor data that are “open data ready” or “GIS ready”.


In our presentation, we detail an approach for making sensor data in ad'hoc formats available for GIS users and Open Data users. This approach has been developed in the European ENERGIC-OD project (European NEtwork for Redistributing Geospatial Information to user Communities - Open Data) which aims at facilitating the use of Geographical information by the Open Data community. More precisely, we present a platform collecting sensor data, storing them and making them available in several forms: from OGC web services (WMS, WFS, SOS) and open data formats (CSV, JSON, XLS) to rich web user interfaces through Rest API.


We illustrate the potential of the platform with the results of two pilot experiments both making use of wireless sensors from different manufacturers communicating through Lora IoT networks. First experiment deals with smart metering (Power consumption, water consumption, temperature monitoring) in a small city in Brittany, whereas the second experiment focuses on environmental monitoring (air quality, noise level...) in the city of Rennes (Britanny).


All interested in this event, we invite to participate in the conference. More information you can find at the URL address: and

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