17-18 Nevember 2016

About 280 persons, from metropolitan and overseas France, participated in this 9th edition of the  DynReg 2016 , the Regional Dynamics Days in geographical information, organized by the AFIGEO, this year in cooperation with GEOPAL.

Two days to share experience and exchange collectively around "Geomatics in the service of the territorial intelligence" ; a user-friendly atmosphere at the exhibitor’s stands, during the meals and the “oceanic” evening ; an opportunity to present, exchange, to discuss numerous topical subjects such as the ENERGIC Od project or the connections between the platforms sharing geospatial information and the Open Data portal …


Further information and links for the events (Minutes, Energic OD presentations, pictures…) can be found on AFIGEO website.


More information:

http://www.afigeo.asso.fr/la-vie-en-region/dynamiques-regionales /1630

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