28-29 March 2017

Alkante presented ENERGIC-OD and results at Seminaire Inside 2017 – Museum National d’histoire Naturelle - Paris.


The Séminaire INSIDE 2017 conference was organised by the “Pole INSIDE” -[1]  a joint research center created by BRGM and AFB -which regularly organise scientific events to cover and discuss interoperability and distributed system issues with involved communities. The objective is to prepare and accommodate the methodological and technical evolutions.


The current event was covering 4 major stakes on information systems on water, biodiversity and marine environments, i.e.

  • collecting information,

  • structuring knowledge,

  • distribution modes and treatments and algorithms exploitation,

  • understanding data and appropriation by final users.


Alkante took part in the first working group dealing with collecting information and presented the Sensor OpenData portal application they developed within the frame of the European CIP project “ENERGIC-OD”.


Alkante showed how the ENERGIC-OD Virtual Hub technology can act as a gateway to deliver new Internet Of Thing (IoT) sensor data through standardized GIS formats (OGC WMS, WFS, SOS…) or Open Data compliant Rest API. The presentation fuelled debate about new opportunities in automatic data retrieval.


At the end of the second day, results of side-group presentations and discussions were presented in a plenary. A synthesis of works carried out in the 4 workshops was put forward and some conclusions made.


For further information on Pole Inside activities, click here.


[1]      The « POLE INSIDE » is a joint resarch and innovation cluster run by BRGM and the Agence Française de la Biodiversité (AFB) teams, focusing on 3 main activity areas : 1) distributed information system organization and architecture (initially in the domain of water, now extending to biodiversity and marine environments), 2) assessment of new acquisition and data distribution options, 3) implementation and tuning up of interoperable services and processes.

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