ENERGIC OD Project Meeting

20–21 June 2017

A new meeting was called at the final stage of our project for reporting on its current state and next steps to be taken in light of the final review.


This project meeting will be focusing on the final business plan and model for ENERGIC-OD, the Virtual Hubs and applications. All partners will be involved in determining the final exploitation framework of ENERGIC-OD in the post-funding phase, and the agreement reached will be reported in the final version of Deliverable 8.3. In particular, licensing arrangements for VH technology will be discussed. Consortium partners will report on and plan its remaining exploitation activities. TRI will report on the GEO Business participation fallout.


The technical sessions will include: a) demonstration of status and presentation of planned activities towards the establishment of a pan European Virtual Hub as requested by the reviewers and PO, and the integration with the crawler module; and b) demonstration of current status and presentation of planned activities for the finalization of the selected cross-border and pan European apps.


Attention will be devoted to the organization of the final conference and to all future dissemination activities. To ensure the highest project visibility and impact, a list of particularly important events that the Consortium should attend will be examined.

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