WORKSHOP W6.1, POTSDAM, 9 - 10 JUNE 2015


Art. 10 -  by Helga Kuechly, LUP (Germany) 

The last technical workshop of ENERGIC OD was held by Work package 6 leaders of LUP GmbH in Potsdam, Germany from June the 9th to 10th 2015 with the aim to further define the requirements and implementation standards of the Virtual Hubs and the ten sample applications. The meeting allowed us to identify synergies to reduce the efforts for the development and to talk about state of the art technologies and current trends in app development.


Moreover, the data that will be used by the applications was presented by each partner and exciting first impressions of some of the apps were presented. Regarding the app implementation error handling was a big topic as communication between all partners across Europe is a crucial step for success.

Further, we also talked about the implementation of the business model to encourage widespread use of the ENERGIC OD Virtual Hubs. Knowing about user needs and the relevant fields of applications are of great importance for the success of this project and therefore Work package 4 leaders of POLIMI were invited to host an afternoon session about this topic. And of course open data and openness was also a subject of this workshop. A data management plan for data generated by the apps as well as the further refinement of the five star system for data platforms might be key drivers for improved data quality and openness.

Workshops are of course also a great opportunity to get together face-to-face. We enjoyed a nice walk through the parks of Potsdam and a traditional German dinner at a local brewery and talk about the geodata world and new innovations.