Art. 6 -  by Helga Kuechly - LUP (Germany) 

On the basis of a requirement questionnaire of all app developers, the application specific requirements were collected and summarized in the deliverable T6.1. These are fundamental for the greatest possible functionality of the Virtual Hubs as well as to minimize development efforts for these applications. The requirements include the scope, interface with other systems, assumptions and constraints, the functional requirements as well as the behaviour of the application, the non-functional requirements, the geodata used, and the development of the environment for the implementation.

The different viewpoints of users and developers were considered. Furthermore the requirements were separated into the different specifications of the unit-wide view on the application as well as the systems.

All applications are based on a client-server architecture with common programming languages.

Key components of automated data access from external sources were established. One of the main conclusion was that the requirements depend on each other and affect the development of the Virtual Hubs (VHs). In more specific terms, this means the realization of some requirements and the efforts for this are based on other requirements as well as on the capability of the VHs.

For everyone interested, the catalogue of application specific requirements can be found within the deliverable document.