WORKSHOP W6.2, Potsdam, 11 - 12 Feb. 2016


Art. 10 - by Helga Kuechly & Stefan Braumann, LUP (Germany )

The purpose of this two-day meeting was the presentation of the implementation plans of the ten new applications and the discussion about the handling of open issues and risks related to the implementation plans. Furthermore, the coordination and monitoring of the tasks, which are provided by the implementation plans, were discussed.

Another objective of this meeting was the introduction of the use of the Virtual Hub APIs. In addition, the current status of WP 7 including the stakeholder action plan and dissemination issues was presented.


The first session on Day 1 started with an update of general management issues. The morning session focused on the current status of applications. It started with a presentation of the current status of the revision of D 6.1, a summary and discussion of open issues of D6.3 and D6.4. Then each application presented their implementation plan including open issues and risks of the app development and VH implementation. This main aim of the afternoon session was to report the current status of the VHs by WP 5 and providing a hand-on training and tutorial for the API.

Day 2 aimed to give a detailed look at the current status of WP7 with information about the stakeholder action plan including the exploitation, application and VH perspective and the discussion of a draft action plan. Further, dissemination issues concerning the website cooperation, forum activity, scientific conference and publications, press release, social media and newsletter. The workshop was closed with a conclusion of results and activities and upcoming actions of WP6.