1ST TECHNICAL REVIEW Luxembourg, 3 Dec. 2015


Art. 9 - by Mariella Liberti - CNR - IIA (Italy)

The Commission held the first annual review meeting of the ENERGIC OD Project on Dec. 3rd at the Euroforum building in Luxembourg at the presence of the Project Officer and two independent experts. This technical review covers the period 01/10/2014 – 30/09/2015.

The aim of the review was to verify that the project was carried out in accordance with the Grant Agreement, by evaluating the project reports and deliverables, the proper use of resources, the management of the project and the expected impact.

During this 1-day review, the experts held in-depth and fruitful discussions with the ENERGIC OD Consortium in a constructive atmosphere.

At the end of the review a discussion on innovation was also held with the aim to find high potential innovators and innovations within EU funded research projects and to identify their specific "go to market" needs. This is a new initiative of DG CONNECT that has been undertaking to collect structured data about the innovation profile of projects by completing innovation questionnaires in annual project reviews during a session to discuss/challenge/understand the innovation aspects and strategies of a project and its individual partners while helping them define the best innovation path to be followed.

The innovation aspects of ENERGIC OD that the reviewers consider of particular interest are:
a) the brokering approach,
b) some of the 10 applications deployed in the project.

The PO stated that the project made excellent progresses.

The experts have then finalised their detailed report. The main conclusions and recommendations will guide the implementation of the next steps of the ENERGIC OD project.