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Politecnico di Milano is a scientific-technological university which trains engineers, architects and industrial designers. Research has always been linked to didactics and is a priority commitment which has allowed Politecnico di Milano to achieve high quality results both at international and national level.


Founded in 1863 as technical institute, POLIMI now ranks as the 1st technical university in Italy (QS World University Rankings, 2014). 


Research work in ENERGIC OD will be carried out by Department of Architecture, Built environment and Constructions (ABC) and GICARUS Lab in particular.


GICARUS Lab (Scientific Responsible Prof. Raffaella Brumana) conducts multidisciplinary research activities on GI, on multi-scale (built environment – city – district – building) spatial data acquisition (satellite, UAV and ground based, multispectral data and Lidar data), processing and management, Multi-source and Multi Temporal Data Managementc, Surveying, Monitoring, 3DMapping, development of WebGis, open source geoportal and systems to deploy multi-purpose services based on the use of GI. The application domains includes BIM-GIS data for Built Heritage and Architectural Heritage domain, Urban Atlas, and Energy Efficiency of Building-District, Mitigation of Urban Heat Islands and environmental monitoring.


The Research Group involved within ENERGIC OD participated as Partner at different R&D projects both at national and international level. In particular, regional and national projects such as ATL@NTE and SINOPIAE (European Funding on R&D, System-prototype for multi-source integrative observation techniques for multi-scale monitoring related to Energy dispersion) and several European projects among which EASEE and GE2O funded by the 7th Framework Programme.


Contribution to the project


POLIMI and in particular GICARUS Lab will contribute to the project as follows:

  • Inputs for R&D project and Open Data catalogues to WP2 and WP3

  • Project leader of WP4. Definition of requirements for Virtual Hub and Application development

  • Development of a Virtual Hub, based on existing software and infrastructures (WP5)

  • Development of new applications to realize integration between Multi-source and Multi Temporal data sets

  • Support the proof of concept by providing demonstrators; evaluation of the results with user groups (WP8)


Why it is important for your organization to take part in the project


The main focus of POLIMI in the project is on defining specific requirements for development of new WebGIS application based on the innovative concept of the Virtual Hub and its brokering framework to deploy the use of the GI at a granular level. The developed approach will be tested trough developing a new application that will aim to allow the access at Multi-source and Multi Temporal data to a wider public for the urban atlas development.


The contact with other Universities and Research Centers but also with Public Authorities and private companies, within ENERGIC OD, will give a valuable input to POLIMI team on both the technical needs and market requirements in order to make the work results more useful for the professionals and citizens. 




Raffaella Brumana

Email: raffaella.brumana@polimi.it

Ph.: +39 02 2399 6534


Luigi Barazzetti

Email: luigi.barazzetti@polimi.it


Mattia Previtali,

Email: mattia.previtali@polimi.it

Ph: +39 02 2399 8779


Web: http://www.polimi.it


GIcarus Surveying and Modelling 

Via Ponzio, 31 20133 - Milan, Italy

Ph. +39 02 2399 6513

GIcarus Surveying and Monitoring 

Via Previati 1/c, 23900 - Lecco, Italy

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Scientific Responsible Raffaella Brumana