Regione del Veneto (VEN), Italy



The Veneto Region (VEN) is an autonomous body with its own legislative, administrative and executive functions. It has a special Unit for Spatial Data Infrastructure and Cartography within the IT department. VEN is member of the NEREUS Network (association of 27 Regions in Europe and 39 research centres and enterprises using space technologies). It is chair of the GNSS Working Group and chair in the subgroup Land Applications within the EO/Copernicus of NEREUS. VEN is involved in various European projects for the standardization of the GeoDb and Cartography.


Its staff has a significant experience in Spatial Infrastructure and in INSPIRE directive. VEN is the winner of the Italian Prize "OpenGeoData 2012 Region". VEN has experience in the harmonisation process of Geographic Information and its aggregation across borders at European level. It has also expertise in remodelling design, harmonisation design, data fusion, GI data modelling and workflows.


VEN has also set up a Real Time, GNSS based Positioning Service providing a free access to a 25 permanent network of GNSS stations, in support to cadastral, GIS and aero photogrammetric surveys.


VEN has participated in several EU projects:

  • GIS4EU project (Econtentplus programme) for the Harmonization of the Geodatabases among the Regions in Europe and remodelling the databases into the INSPIRE directive.

  • HOMER project (MED programme), which focuses on the theme of Open Data

  • TraNSAFE-Alp project (Alpine Space initiative): It aims at establishing an innovative OGC platform for joint decision making and preparedness in security and emergency management on vulnerable road infrastructures.


Contribution to the project


VEN will be mainly involved in the following WPs:

  • WP2, WP3: It will provide all necessary data from the region of Veneto in Italy

  • WP4: VEN will contribute to the definition of requirements and specifications for the development of specific services and applications

  • WP5: VEN will contribute to the deployment of the virtual hub in Italy


Why it is important for your organization to take part in the project


For Veneto Region will be relevant to participate because we can reuse within the others Local Authorities and SME in Veneto the solution proposed by the project. 




Silvano De Zorzi