Trilateral Research Ltd.

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Trilateral Research Ltd. (TRI) is a London-based research consultancy, founded in October 2004. It specialises in research and the provision of strategic, policy and regulatory advice on new technologies, privacy, risk, surveillance and security issues and effective stakeholder engagement strategies. Trilateral is involved in a number of projects on the social, economic and innovation impacts of new data practices. Within in this field, our expertise lies in the assessment of social issues and economic models and innovation impacts associated with big data, open data and predictive analytics. We have experience in a number of sectors in this area, including the use of geopsatial data for mapping, environmental protection and crisis response. Our focus is on assessing these impacts and evaluating systems to determine solutions to enhance innovation whilst ensuring responsible big data practices. We do so by working with a variety of stakeholders ranging from technical specialists, policy-makers and citizen groups.


Contribution to the project


TRILATERAL will contribute to ENERGIC-OD by running the contests associated with the virtual hub for geospatial data, and developing the business model for the virtual hub. The application use contest will publicise the virtual hub to the community of potential users and enable them to test the features of the system. The business model developed by the project will ensure the relevance and long-term viability of the virtual hubs.


Why it is important for your organization to take part in the project


The focus on providing a virtual hub for open, geospatial data in ENERGIC-OD will provide Trilateral with empirical information about the role of open data in innovation, especially as related to social, economic and innovation issues. In addition, the project will provide Trilateral with further opportunities to liaise with stakeholders in this area to share information bout big data, open data and social and economic innovation.




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