Verband der GeoInformationswirtschaft Berlin/Brandenburg (GEOkomm), Germany



GEOkomm e.V. was founded in November 2002 as a non-profit association of geo-information businesses in Germany's capital region, representing close to 80 companies and research institutions spanning all fields of geo-information applications.


The general intention of the association is the support and advancement of the goals, especially the infrastructural requirements of the geo-information economy as well as the support of science, research and education in combination with the use of geo-information for innovative services and products.


A cornerstone of the association is the creation and leadership of innovation networks, consisting of parties involved in the geo-information market (economic, academic and administrative partners), and the development and coordination of research projects from these networks.


As an appreciation of this work the European Cluster Excellence Initiative has awarded GEOkomm e.V the European Cluster Management Excellence Initiative Bronze Label Certificate. GEOkomm e.V is also a member of the European project ePSI plus and the PSI Alliance, where it is Rapporteur for Germany and member of the board.


Finally, GEOkomm e.V conducted the IPEAG 2010 study for the European Commission (DG Information Society).


Contribution to the project


The involvement of GEOkomm e.V will be mainly focused on the following domains:

  • Participation in WP2: GEOkomm e.V will work closely with UNIZAR in order to create an exhaustive overview of the state-of-the-art. 

  • Leader of WP3 coordinating and conducting the expansive research of open data platforms and initiatives.

  • Participation in WP7: GEOkomm e.V will incorporate its long experience in helping its members bring products to the market.


Why it is important for your organization to take part in the project


As some GEOkomm members are participating in the ENERGIC OD project, GEOkomm is willing to take responsibility for bringing its area of expertise into European community as well as supporting the internationalization of the GEOkomm members.


Moreover, cross-border cooperation is of great interest for GEOkomm in order to keep up-to-date with the geo-information business and to generate and create knowledge within this field of activity.  




Peter Hecker


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